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This is me

 I believe the current main humanitarian challenge is mitigating climate change, promoting the just transition, and ensuring climate justice. Hence, the eco-social crisis is my prime concern/motivation.

Who I am

If you’re familiar with me, you’ll know I’m small. They also say I’m discreet. I’ve always been fond of conjuring up stories. Driven by fate – it could be no other way – I’ve dedicated myself to the world of communication. I express the thoughts I don’t speak through various media, making me a force to be reckoned with despite my introverted nature. Enamoured with the power of interdisciplinarity, creativity, innovation, and curiosity, and determined and enthusiastic about not just «doing it» but «doing it right», I’m passionate about (audio)visual communication. Travel and adventure are in my DNA, and I firmly believe in diversity and social inclusion. I am versatile, all-embracing, and agile (a proponent of Design Thinking, Scrum and Kanban methodologies).

Not just «doing it» but «doing it right»

I have a technical background, but I’ve broadened my horizons, just as the world of communication has done, in leaps and bounds, by digitising: from commercials to storytelling, from entertainment to ad-gaming, from below-the-line and above-the-line to cross-channel omnichannel and transmedia, AI, VR, AR, UX, UI…

I’ve also evolved to become more strategic and analytical. I welcome change and am not afraid to bid farewell to the old, making way for the new, if I always continue learning. Our sector is constantly innovating (especially in creating words!), and I love to push the limits by devising innovative and inventive approaches.